But the face of Islam is now for the Muslims  to resurrect. And while some Muslims will reject the anointed ambassadorship of Islam, others will and should rejoice. It is a fundamental principle and simply common sense to acknowledge your interactions with non-Muslims will shape their opinion of the religion of Islam and its followers. With that in mind, it is incumbent upon every Muslim to use that responsibility to enjoin in good and forbid evil. Too many Muslims respond to hateful attacks on Islam and Muslims with more hatred, which not only continues the cycle of vengeance, but it … Continue reading

Marseille attack: At around 13:45, a man wielding two knives attacks a woman in the Saint-Charles train station in Marseille. He leaves then returns after a short period of time and attacks another woman as seen on the station’s camera footage. Both women, 21 and 30, were confirmed dead; one was “slaughtered” and the other was stabbed to death, report Le Figaro newspaper. The assailant, shouting “Allahu Akbar”, according to several witnesses and police sources, lunged at soldiers with knives and was shot twice, dying at the scene minutes later, BFMTV reports. Reports of a second assailant is false. The sole … Continue reading

Theresa May asks EU for two-year Brexit transition period

Theresa May outlined Friday the government’s position on Brexit and made an effort to smooth the UK’s departure from the EU, providing impetus to the stuttering Brexit talks and proposing that Britain continue to abide by the bloc’s rules until 2021. Mrs. May suggested that the two sides’ access to one another’s markets should continue “on current terms” during an implementation period that would last about two years after the UK leaves the 28-nation bloc in March 2019. That would imply a continuation of EU rules — including free movement of people, payments into the EU budget, and the jurisdiction … Continue reading Theresa May asks EU for two-year Brexit transition period